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Camping is among one of the great outdoor activities which is quite the adventurous activity to do alone or with friends and family. It is a relatively cheap way to take a vacation and allows one to get in touch with nature. When planning a camping trip, it is always an advantage to have everything planned out ahead of time so no surprises may catch you off guard when out in the wilderness.

One of the essential elements in camping is food. What type of food will you cook? How much of it should you bring? A great place to start is by gathering information on campfire cooking recipes because a campfire will be a guaranteed source of heat upon which cooking is allowed to take place.

Campfire cooking is what really makes a camping trip. You could rely on portable gas stoves but sometimes problems can arise with the products in the wild. They also just don’t have the same feel as actual campfire cooking recipes.

A fun, affordable item to add to your campfire menu is spare ribs. Once a campfire is built allow the flames to burn down, giving you a hotbed of ash-covered coals. Depending on how hot the coals have become, you may have to let them cool down just a bit, to assure you will not overcook the spare ribs or anything going with the main dish. An easy side item is potatoes, sautéed by cast iron cooking and corn on the cob.

You will need enough of the following to feed the camp: spare ribs, potatoes, and corn. You will also need salt and pepper, celery and carrots, as well as some butter which adds flavor to the meal. First, rest your cast iron skillet on a cooking rack just above the coals. Add some butter. Once the butter is melted add your potatoes, celery, and carrots. Allow simmering over the fire, carefully stirring the food with a spoon so burning doesn’t occur. While these are simmering, you may add salt and pepper to your taste.

Next, place the corn on the cob in aluminum foil along with butter, salt, and pepper. Fold the aluminum foil over the corn forming a bag. Place directly on the hot coals. This will steam your corn in a timely fashion. Be sure to use camping tongs to flip the foil bag after five minutes, then once more and remove it from the coals. Allow cooling before opening the bag due to extremely hot steam.

Finally, place your spare ribs on the rack over the coals. Add barbeque sauce and spices accordingly. Flip the spare ribs several times to allow both sides to cook equally. Be sure the spare ribs are cooked completely before removing them from the grill. Once the ribs are finished cooking, you may now serve up a delicious campfire-cooked meal.