How many of you thought that to enjoy backpacking or hiking you were stuck with boring, bland,  freeze-dried meals?  Well, I was one of those people until I decided to try to ramp things up and experiment and try new recipes.  This recipe by Chef Corso is absolutely delicious.  I was actually shocked at how something this easy could taste so decadent.  After eating this wafer bowl my belly was happy and I wanted to crawl into my sleeping bag and enjoy the food coma that it caused.  This recipe was so good that the very night I returned from my camping trip I made it for my wife.  I promise you this dessert is good enough to share with guests for a fancy meal.


  • Firebox Stove Nano
  • Trangia Butane Burner
  • Lixada 500ml pot
  • GSI Outdoors Essential Spoon – Long
  • GSI Outdoors Ultralight Cutting Board – Small
  • Folding Camping Chef Knife


  • 1 cup dried fruit
  • 1 cup Nilla Wafers crushed
  • ¼  cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup Almonds chopped
  • 2-3 oz water


  • Chop nuts
  • Crush Nilla Wafers
  • Light burner and turn to med/low heat
  • Add water and brown sugar
  • Simmer and stir for approximately 1 minute
  • Add fruit
  • Simmer on low for 1-2 minutes until fruit is rehydrated and caramelized
  • Add Nilla Wafers and nuts
  • Stir


Chef Dan