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What is “living little life?”  To me, this is somewhat of my mantra.  I look at “living little life” as a way to remind myself to be intentional in the way that I live, specifically, in the way that I live my life with my family and those that I love.  Several years ago, I realized that the majority of my favorite childhood memories came not from major life-shattering moments but from many little points in life.  Those memories didn’t always come from an expensive family vacation to a theme park but came from little moments while spending time with each other.  I also realized that many of my childhood memories come from time spent outdoors.  Not all of my memories come from outdoor activities but many do.  I honestly don’t recall any great memories that were made playing video games or watching a television show but I do have memories of the family getting together to watch a good movie together with popcorn popped on the stove and a partially collapsed blanket fort in the living room floor.  I’m not saying that memories can’t be made while spending time inside (holidays bring great memories) but I believe we have to be intentional about how we spend those times.  We need to be intentional with providing our loved ones with memory-making opportunities.  

So, how do I recommend someone “live little life?”  I promise it is not expensive and it doesn’t take much time.  “Living little life” is really just a mindset to be intentional with our day-to-day lives and to be present in the moment.  It’s as simple as when you see a beautiful sunset, a vibrantly colored fall tree, or a blooming flower and sharing your thoughts with those that are with you.  Those that are with us during those observations of God’s glory will never know what we are thinking unless we verbalize it.  It’s as easy as saying, “look at that beautiful sunset” or “can you believe the colors in the leaves on that tree.”  It is also a great time to be reminded that God created all of that beauty for our enjoyment and to give us an opportunity to praise Him.  Revelation 4:11 says, “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will, they existed and were created.”  The main point is to be intentional in sharing what we are thinking with those around us and then take a moment to soak it in.  Another way to “live little life” is to plan small activities out in a way that will have a lasting impression on those we are sharing the activity with.  This might look like going on a short hike but packing bubbles to blow in a meadow or packing the group’s favorite snacks for everyone to enjoy. Look for ways to make memories while living everyday life.  God has provided us with plenty of topics in creation for us to share with those around us.

My previous blogs have mentioned some of the events that developed my love for the outdoors.  Those memories came from my family and loved ones intentionally making little moments into memories.  If you are interested in some of my memories, go check them out.  This blog is more about being intentional in living out the little moments in life in a way that lets those around us make good memories that will last.  “Living little life” is also where my desire to get people outside to cook good meals and spend time together comes from.  The keywords are together and intentional.  We have to be intentional about the time we spend together.  So, really, each day is about “living little life.”  

Chef Dan